Blaze Inlands 2006

The Blaze Inlands were held at Queen Mary Sailing Club on the 14th and 15th October 2006 and they were won by Mike Lyons, the national champion, with 6/6 wins! A report, results and some pics can be seen at the Blaze Class Association website. Thirty Blazes took part.

To the left are links to a web page for Race 1 to Race 6.  For each race there are plots of the track taken by me (Stuart Brown, Blaze 713) - on average a middle of the fleet Blaze sailor.  I had a bad start to the series with mediocre results for the remaining races. The courses were sausage-triagle-sausage-(triangle).

The results are instructive!  In races where I played the wind shifts poorly on the beats you can see tacking angles of less than 90 degrees (especially race 1, where I came 24th).   In races where I did better (eg race 6 - apart from the bad start when I was legitimately squeezed out at the committee boat end and had to tack and jibe, crossing the line last) you can see that I played the shifts better, with tacking angles of more than 90 degrees.

On each race there is an overall plot of the race and a link to an animated plot of the same race, with a graph of boat speed.  Units are knots/nautical miles.  Feel free to add comments!

There is a legend on the bottom left of the large image showing speed during the race (km/h).


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